Virtual Call Center

Do you want your clientele to grow? How about retaining your existing customers? Mr. E Sourcing virtual call center service can help you achieve this.

Stop wondering how many customers have hung up after receiving long automated responses, think of the potential new business that you can obtain through live friendly voices provided by Mr. E-sourcing virtual call center service. This is the personal touch your business needs. Our knowledgeable and charismatic live operators will get the job done.

After experiencing long wait times and rude operators, your customers may seek business elsewhere. We provide an invaluable service of treating your customers with the respect and care they are seeking. We take responsibility for assisting customers with specifications provided by you and executed with precision by our operators.

By using MR E-SOURCING call centers, you will have at your disposal a virtual work force that can follow specific orders and know how to work with a wide range of customers. We understand that customers, as with anyone else, want the same things; to be treated with dignity and respect, to be offered options and have some control, to work with people who understand complex issues, and to have their issues resolved promptly and with no long automated messages or busy signals. These are basic requirements in customer service and through our call centers; you will find the best operators who work efficiently and professionally.

MR E-SOURCING Call Center and Answer Messaging Service was established to assist the growing needs our customers and to improve standards for telephone call center services. You set the standard and we exceed it by setting a higher one for, not only our operators, but for everything that we do.

Don’t get side tracked with the constant calls, don’t worry about having a meeting out of the office and not having   a reliable person to take down your messages, don’t  worry about mundane tasks phone tasks. MR-SOURCING Call Center and Answer Messaging Service is the solution. We provide operators who demonstrate integrity and offer a systematic method of reducing if not eliminating missed calls and lost business opportunities.

At MR E-SOURCING Call Center and Answer Messaging Service, we believe that by treating your customers with respect and listening to them, we create an atmosphere in which they will not hesitate to call. We understand that your time is valuable and that at times taking phone calls or messages can be very mundane and time consuming, we will give you back that valuable time so that you can continue working on your business, not worrying about missed calls. At MR E-SOURCING we work with integrity and will only give you the best results.

No matter the size of your company, MR E-SOURCING Call Center Service will give you the quality service you want and the attention you need. We will work together to put into effect your virtual office. We put pride into our work and our results speak for themselves.

When answering your calls, we follow your directions, 24 hours a day. We will take messages with the information you specified for or what the caller wishes to leave. Rest assured that your messages will be accurately taken and communicated timely.

We can assist you in designing a script that works for your business and customize our message taking solution to suit your needs. There are several options available in addition to our standard message taking services such as order taking, advertisement response, RSVP services, FAQs, database management and more.

We can arrange for Emergency reporting or notification any time or upon request.

MR E-SOURCING Call Center Service pricing is very competitive. You have the option to pay one low fee regardless of the message deliver method. MR E-SOURCING Call Center can also supply you with a free front-end voicemail system to screen your calls, allowing non-urgent callers to leave a voicemail message in our system, while urgent or emergency calls are connected with a live telephone representative.

To learn more about how MR E-SOURCING can help your business or organization with its Virtual Call Center, contact us today at (909) 979-1568 or use our Contact Us page for more contact information.