Outbound Surveys

Outbound Surveys

MR E-SOURCING acknowledges benchmarking as an effective business tool that helps any company understand their market. We provide services to businesses by helping them profile their market by means of telephone surveys, or telemarketing. We offer numerous types of surveying options and capabilities with detailed reporting and statistics.

Our surveys can be given and 100% branded to your business goals and efforts. Formats for conducting surveys from MR E-SOURCING include:

  • Web based surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Email surveys

MR E-SOURCING agents will conduct an interview to every prospect contacted and ask the right series of questions guaranteeing accurate responses. We practice the best techniques and assure you of effective representation. Our agents are courteous, very well organized and trained to engage in any interviewee they interact with. We assure you a positive results for a positive image to your company.

To learn more about how MR E-SOURCING can help your business or organization with its Outbound Surveys, contact us today at (909) 979-1568 or use our Contact Us page for more contact information.