Can you answer my calls quickly and free of busy signals?

Accurate speed measurement at which to answer calls are not mostly observed in most of the call center services. However, at Mr. E-Sourcing call center service, we accurately monitor our call metrics. Our metrics shows that abandonment rate is extremely low and the average speed of answer is 5.5 seconds in accordance to industry standards. This shows how quickly calls are being answered. For competency, we challenge our staff to improve their Average Speed of Answer and Abandonment Rate constantly. To further avoid traffic and busy signals, our telephone switch has more than enough ports to compensate the traffic.

Do you have enough operators to handle my volume of calls?

More than 80% of telephone answer call center services are operating under Mom-and-Pop conditions, with less than 20 employees. Given this scenario, the operation drastically reduces the ability to maintain sufficient staff to cope with large call volumes and irregular call fluctuations. Mr. E-Sourcing call center service currently employs more than enough operators to cover the 24/7 operations.

What is your process for hiring staff? How can I be assured that friendly, intelligent people will answer my calls?

Mr. E-sourcing call center service uses a strict hiring process to evaluate all applicants. In case the applicant did not pass the hiring process, he/she is immediately informed the he/she is not qualified for the position. For the ones that are qualified, we provide feedback on how to enhance their skills and also what areas based on their performance needs improvement for them to become an excellent telemarketer.

What guarantee can I get that the privacy of my information, and that of my clients, will be protected? Are you prepared to give me to give me that guarantee in writing?

At Mr. E-Sourcing call center service, privacy is the upmost important aspect of our service. We do not divulge information or data taken from the messages we received. Spamming, sharing and providing to a third party the subscription list or any information from the messages are also prohibited. We protect our clients’ information from unauthorized outside access by installing a combination of software and hardware firewall. Our production area is strictly off-limits to all unauthorized persons and all our staff has acknowledged these restrictions and regulations by signing non-disclosure agreements.

If your system goes down, how can I be assured that it will be reinstated immediately? How many full-time technicians do you have working exclusively for you?

Many Telephone Answer call center services are unprepared for system failure or disaster recovery. At Mr. E-Sourcing call center service, we overcome this scenario by having three full-time technicians as part of our staff. We do not rely on outside consultants. Our technicians’ works exclusively on our telephone system to ensure continuous service of our production area.

Do you have any back-up facilities in place in the event of hardware or software failure?

If we are to encounter a hardware or software error, our technical staff is notified and the error will be isolated. If it is a hardware component failure, Mr. E-Sourcing call center service has back up equipment to ensure uninterrupted service. Mr. E-Sourcing call center service also has inventory spare parts and can replace any non-working component on the spot. For software failure, Mr. E-Sourcing call center service has four redundant back ups in place just in case the system needs to be reloaded. In the event of a disastrous failure of either system, Mr. E-Sourcing call center service has an offsite call center service center to ensure that your calls are still answered.

How can I be assured that a virus will not infect your Answer call center service, making you susceptible to the extended periods of downtime that plague so many businesses today?

The entire network of Mr. E-Sourcing call center service is protected from virus threats by our hardware and software firewall. In addition, we also have a reliable anti-virus suite that is capable of real-time scanning and updates in our network. To ensure that our systems have real-time updates and that the latest security patches are installed, we have a comprehensive network management program to ensure all these things are performed.

Can my service be set up quickly and easily?

Most services out there will not start until you have provided a non-refundable deposit or a large amount of set-up fee, or have signed a binding long-term contract. At Mr. E-Sourcing call center service, we keep it simple. Almost all of our new accounts are set up the same day that you call us to acquire our service. We guarantee to have your service up and running within one or two business day without the hassle. Since, there is no additional charge for the set-up of your service, you can expect a discount on your payment for setting up your service.