Call Center Services

Call Center Services

All call centers are different. Most of the call centers focus on high volume while others cater primarily to smaller companies due to the absence of technology and staff to handle higher volume of complicated concerns. MR E-SOURCING call center can provide solutions for small to medium sized enterprises, niche projects and other mid-range call center tasks. Smaller call centers are eager for the work, but can’t handle the call volume. Other call centers are willing to work however, they require long-term, expensive contracts that your sales may or may not support over the long term. Only MR E-SOURCING Call Center Services can cover all ground.

MR E-SOURCING Call Center is one of the best privately held companies, we are driven, assertive and passionate to provide the best quality in call center services, we strive to give exactly what our clients need and expectation. We offer our customers a level of satisfaction that our competition can only dream of. Your projects may require some simple order taking and customer services, lead verifications or a live transfer to your main office. We have multiple service options and several month to month pricing options that will fit your call volume and your business needs.

We understand that offshore outsourcing is not for every business. Outsourcing out of the United States, may affect the level of quality you offer your clients such as bad grammar, cultural differences and accents; it could cost you time, money and even your business. This is where MR E-SOURCING sets a difference.

MR E-SOURCING is a United States based company with call centers located in the Philippines that offer call center solution services to United States and European based customers. The call centers in the Philippines are wholly owned and managed by MR E-SOURCING, thus, you can be assured that your business are not brokered out to just any call center.

Over the years, MR E-SOURCING grew as a call center from the technology, knowledge and skills used in servicing each one of our clients. A huge contributor to this success is our careful and proven selection process for choosing and hiring agents that works for us. We choose applicants with pleasant phone voices, tremendous listening skills and work experience matching the current role or service required by our clients. Our customer service representative handles each transaction individually, armed with their extensive one on one training, script and account knowledge. Our call center agents become an extension of your company’s brand and legacy, providing you service with an assurance like any of your internal employees.

Call center outsourcing might be new for some so we gladly welcome any inputs and questions. We would like to hear from you even if you’ve gone through one or more call center agreements and have been unhappy with the results. You can talk to one of our friendly representatives today, and we’ll discuss your project ideas and how we can help. We can share with you the various strategies we’ve used and how we’ve been able to help other clients with similar needs or goals. We can also cater a volume-based pricing structure that fits your project. Contact us anytime today with your thoughts and we’ll make an outline that will lead you to great success in your project.


MR E-SOURCING Call Center provides professional call answering services personnel coupled with our advanced telecommunications tools.



Call Answering Service

Representative team members together with our technology will successfully handle after hours calls, or take calls when your office staffs are not around. Sometimes voice mail system that answers your phone lines can result to losing customers.  We’ll greet your callers in your company’s name, help them place their orders, answer their questions and make sure that you receive timely, accurate messages and call reports.  Our call answering service provides messages and customer fulfillment.

Virtual Call Center

The most complete solution for your telephone answering needs is our innovative call answering service. We can answer your telephone calls, take messages, transfer calls to voice mail, and perform virtual telephone switchboard duties and transfer your phone calls to you live. Aside from that, we can even act virtual telephone switchboard obligations and move every phone call to you live and clear wherever you are. It’s like having a front desk receptionist available 24/7. Our call answering service will allow you to work interruption-free.

Business Call Center

Our main goal is to get accurate orders and provide excellent customer service. Industries such as mail order, internet, phone, shops and restaurants, all need order accuracy as well as the capability to impart outstanding customer service. We can process credit card orders real time, interface with your e-commerce websites and provide you with detailed reports. We’ve performed order entry for a number of retail businesses, and have scheduled numerous registrations for business and entertainment events.




Customer Care

Our call answering service offers various levels of customer care and support. We’ll make each call transparent and your callers will feel that they’re talking to one of your employees whenever they spoke with one of our excellent customer service people in the course of our call answering service. We can respond to any questions, issues and registration problems. Our call answering service can work daily, 24 hours, 7 days a week. It offers no limit in supporting customers and clients. We will impart call answering service based on your needs.

Technical Support

We can provide differentiating levels of technical support through our call answering service. Our agents are capable of handling technical support calls and answer related questions. If our agents can’t resolve the technical support issue, a ticket is created and we can forward the call to your attending staff immediately.

Scheduling and Reservation

We have competently dealt with event scheduling tasks in our business call center answering service. We can answer all your event calls, and schedule your reservations as well as your appointments, take RSVP information. Through our call answer service, we can answer all incoming phone calls, as well as schedule and confirm all appointments right away. Our call answering service can process credit card orders for any events and pass on ticket holder information to your office. Your staff can focus in other areas of your business and won’t get stuck answering the phone by using our customized call answering services.