Product Image Editing Services

MR E-SOURCING provides a wide range of high quality, cost-effective, affordable product image editing services and solutions. Our team of expert can handle and provide excellent results for any projects whether it is simple form processing or complex data entry.

Product image editing services can also be used to promote your business more effectively and you could add or remove unwanted object, change background, remove dust from your product photographs, or do a number of other operations that could make a vital difference to your marketing efforts by literally presenting a better picture of your product.

Additional services provided while doing your product image editing:

• Adding company logo or watermark

• Adding image border (if requested)

• Extracting images from digital catalogs

• Image cropping to extract correct product

• Image resizing for thumbnail, normal and zoom view

• Product photo enhancement

• Product photo retouching

• Renaming image file name (if requested)

MR E-SOURCINGs’ product image editing services are appropriate for professional photographers, photo studios, online art galleries, antique product seller, e-book editors and publishers, real estate agents, catalog publishers and e-commerce online stores.

MR E-SOURCING provides variety of product image editing services and photo enhancement services that substantially improve the quality of your e-commerce products. Outsourcing product image editing services could make a big difference to your business by converting your images into a vibrant one that draws customers to your doorstep.

To learn more about how MR E-SOURCING can help your business or organization with its Product Editing, contact us today at (909) 979-1568 or use our Contact Us page for more contact information.